James Fator


23 November 2020

My friend and I were playing the Javascript version of XMoto on XMoto.io late one night and discovered how simple it was to create maps. What if we could create a map which uses the John Hopkins COVID-19 dataset and where you drive up and down the new cases timeseries. Well we did just that.

We forked the fantastic xmoto.js repository by MichaelHoste and added on-demand level creation from the JHU CSSE COVID-19 dataset, so each day you have more map to play! Features:

  • Toilet paper collectables
  • COVID-19 ball chasing you
  • Vaccine at the finish! (NOTE: United State's curve has been so severe that this level is currently not beatable... TODO)

Play COVID-XMoto here!

Check out the source code on GitHub