James Fator

First Released iOS App!

25 July 2013

A while back I made a post about how I wrote an Android app to check your work schedule (For Wegmans employees). As I finished up my Internship in IT and moved back to making subs, it became more and more of a need to have something on your mobile device that would load your schedule. I ported my Java code to Objective-C and released my first iOS app onto the market!

Unfortunately that came to a quick halt. I received a call from the head of IT just two days later asking me to pull the app and it's been down ever since. They let me know what their plans were and I respect them too much to fight them on it.

Yes, I did create an app that will not be used, but it was more than just an app; it was an introduction to Xcode, Objective-C, and storyboards.