James Fator

Google Music app for Mac

17 May 2013

Today I made the switch from Spotify to Google's new "All Access". Everything is working great, except for the fact that the media buttons on my keyboard won't work with Chrome when trying to play/pause my music.

I made an app that allows you to dedicate a window to Google Play music which gives you the ability to:

  • Navigate Google Play's standard music interface
  • Play/Pause/Skip from the media function keys
  • Open as a full screen app
  • View currently playing song in Notification Center
  • Get notifications when a new song starts
  • Scrobble tracks to your Last.fm account

Yes, this won't be for everyone; however, this app meets my needs and I bet there are other people out there who would like the same thing and I'll include a download link at the bottom.

Main view

Playlist view

Opened as full screen app

Source code on GitHub

Check out kbhomes alternate fork with an updated UI

Special thanks: kbhomesSergi Mesegueroversanne, crashracer, darkj2k