James Fator

OCR Wand Release

18 December 2013

OCR Wand is the quickest way to extract text from any media that you otherwise couldn't copy. With a click of a hotkey and a selection using the mouse, you're able to copy text from a photo, video, word document, and many other things (granted the conditions are suitable for typical OCR).

We're operating with Tesseract OCR under the hood and it's working good for typical situations with standard fonts. With that said, I plan on updating the app with better recognition in more diverse situations. It'll only get better after this!

I made this because there have been plenty of times I wanted to copy test code from a YouTube video to mess around with. The solution I came up with satisfies my needs and hopefully the needs of other people out there. I am charging $1.99 for the app on the Mac App Store because I'm trying to make my way through college bills, but providing people with a helpful utility is still very important to me. What that means is if someone can benefit from the app but honestly cannot afford the cost, contact me and we can work something out.

UPDATE 08/09/2020: This app had a good run and is no longer on the app store.