James Fator

Time Tracking Program in C#

27 August 2012

I was approached by my co-worker today wondering if I could throw together a program that tracks how long a computer is being used for. I threw something together in C# fairly quickly that checks how long you’ve been on the computer and compiles it into an easily parse-able file to be used in data-bases and such. Fun experience.

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Rocket Simulator

20 August 2012

Java physics simulator I whipped up in a night. Ever since playing Happy Wheels, I’ve wanted a game where I could just fly around and this really is what I was looking for. I have tons of fun with small things like these. The “simulator” has the capacity for more objects (I created a rock and a bouncy ball as well) but I was really just trying to create the rocket here.

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iOS Developer

15 July 2012

Purchased my iOS Development license today. My first couple of apps will obviously be free (I’m planning on a HandFX port) but I hope to eventually start down the road of legitimate mobile development. This was kind of a birthday present for myself :)

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