James Fator

Ranking the best Vine videos

30 October 2014

There's this app called Vine that allows you to share videos that are up to 6 seconds in length. You can post your own "Vines" and even like, comment, and share Vines submitted by other users. The app has a Popular Page which allows you to see top Vines within a certain time period, but to my knowledge, there's no way to see the top Vines of all time. Once I realized there's a Vine API, I took matters into my own hands...

I created a very simple Python script to crawl the Vine API and collect as much data as I could. After running it for a few days, I had a decent amount of Vine data to work with. For this initial post, I ended up ranking the collection of videos by attributes such as likes, reposts, comments, and loops. I plan to do some data mining on what I've collected, but in the mean time, I'll be posting the source code to GitHub for people to take a look at and use!