James Fator


27 September 2013

I spent the last 4 months working with a small start-up on an iPhone app that will help people read their electric meter and manage usage.

The app is designed to be look simple and work intuitively, but I'm most proud of what's behind the scenes.

When I first started working with WattB, my boss approached me and asked if I could make this app. Knowing nothing about computer vision at the time, I researched ways it could be done and with a few months of banging my head against the wall, we finally have a product.

Using computer vision libraries such as OpenCV and Tesseract, we managed to create algorithms to effectively read a standard 4-5 dial electric meter and graph electric usage. With this app, people will be able to easily read their meter and understand how much electricity they use depending on how often they read their meter. Future updates will be huge by adding stability and even more features, so if you are interested in what we're doing, I urge you to stick around.

Link to the app on the App Store