James Fator

WattZ hits App Store and the American Energy Data Challenge

31 March 2014

The second iOS app I worked on is finally in the App Store! WattZ allows you to quickly estimate the electricity usage of virtually any house in the US, helping prospective renters or homeowners eliminate big surprising bills.

We created WattZ to be like the Zillow estimator for electric usages.

It ties in with databases created by the Department of Energy and Zillow to give a realistic estimate of electric usage all while providing a very simple and intuitive interface.

We also gave WattBuddy a massive visual and functional update.

You can now import your GreenButton usage data files to instantly see really interesting data trends that you may not have noticed before!

If you live in an area currently supported by our web app WattBuy.com, then we can take your actual usage that you scanned or imported into the app and show you close to exactly how much money you would save by switching to an alternative electric plan.

We polished these apps up for the American Energy Data Challenge. We wanted to create applications that help solve a problem in a unique way all while increasing awareness of residential electric usage and I definitely believe WattZ and WattBuddy do exactly that.