James Fator

Server-Client Practice and Application

13 January 2013

My Software Engineering class has given me the opportunity to finally jump into the server-client aspect of programming. We were tasked to create a vending machine layout which communicated with a management tool. My team and I designed a Java Socket model that allowed for multiple clients running at the same time. Since sockets are simply input and output streams, we designed an entire protocol for smooth communication between each other. The next step is to bring it out of command line stage and into the GUI world!

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Garage Door Application Part 1

16 December 2012

My weekend project was to hook up my garage door so that I could open it with the click of a button on my phone. I created an app for iOS and an Android widget that sends a command to my home server. I will update with a Part 2 showing how I did it!

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Home Linux Server

23 November 2012

My dad and I set up a home server with Ubuntu. We’ve been using it for backups, printing, and even utilizing the disk drive. There are so many cool things that Linux servers allow you to do and we have just scratched the surface!

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