James Fator

What's That Song?

03 March 2013

My weekend project started as a python script that took song lyrics and returned the song name and artist. I then found out how easy it was to take advantage of Android’s voice dictation and I ended up making an app. I know you can Google song lyrics, but this was my way of gaining experience while making something that someone out there might get a kick out of.

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Wrist Band Demo

19 February 2013

Science fiction stories always caught my attention with the idea of having a computer on your arm or wrist. I prototyped an arm band with Arduino that will interface with any bluetooth capable device. The processor has the ability to send and receive data, so as soon as I whip up a flexible keypad, I can create functionality to receive notifications and even call pre-defined scripts on my phone or tablet.

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Current Projects Update

09 February 2013

I’m currently working on an Arduino-based system that… well I wont spoil yet. The end result will be pretty cool, so I want to wait until it is finished. Here is a brief look into what I’m doing.

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iTunes Sync with Android

30 January 2013

I recently picked up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and when uploading all of my data, I noticed that there were a few options for music. I managed to find a GCC compiler, so I took some code I wrote for my backup application (In development!) and ported it to Android. With the help with the debugging tools and some desktop side programming, I now have a quick efficient way to sync my Android with iTunes.

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