James Fator

Wi-Fi Trilateration

27 June 2013

I wanted to experiment with some old routers I had sitting around. I put them in the 4 corners of my house and used my Android device to get the signal strength of each router. I can take that strength value, convert it to a measurement of distance and use trilateration algorithms to essentially give me a rough estimate of where I am in the house.

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Mac Notification LED

26 June 2013

The Samsung Galaxy series has an LED that flashes when it has a new notification. I was originally planning on creating a small device that would do the same thing but for my desktop computer, only I soon realized I didn’t have to. I wrote a small applescript… script? that will basically snap a quick picture every 3 seconds if my monitor is asleep then all we need is to trigger that script.

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05 May 2013

I’ve hit over 1,000 downloads from the Google Play store between all the apps I have released. It doesn’t mean much right now, but I hope to look back on this post in the future and smile.

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