James Fator

Removing someone's voice from a sound file

28 April 2013

Today I came up with a fantastic idea for a project. Unfortunately I will need to wait a few days for the parts to be shipped to me, so that will come at a later date; however, I can post some preliminary steps I’m taking to get ready.

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A month with RHEL

29 March 2013

I recently imaged my secondary laptop with Red Hat Enterprise Linux because they offer a 30 day evaluation period. Considering the field I am in, I wanted to get some more exposure to different environments and platforms so I will be testing a different operating system each month to get a feel for what’s out there. This will be an experiment where I completely drop everything I have, adapt to the new OS, and continue my life and work as I normally would. I’ll be posting any issues or features that I like along with a review at the end of the month to explain what I think of the overall experience. Hopefully everything will go smoothly!

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