James Fator

GMM Hits Tech Blogs!

01 March 2014

The Google Music wrapper I wrote for OS X last May has been really popular lately. We ended up landing on websites like cnet and Lifehacker! They have mostly been focusing on kbhomes‘ version, but it’s still an honor.

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iOS App Challenge at RIT

05 February 2014

My team and I created an app that calculates estimated electric usage for the recent iOS coding challenge at RIT hosted by Apple.

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OCR Wand Release

18 December 2013

OCR Wand is the quickest way to extract text from any media that you otherwise couldn’t copy. With a click of a hotkey and a selection using the mouse, you’re able to copy text from a photo, video, word document, and many other things (granted the conditions are suitable for typical OCR).

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